Foreign Policy Toolbox: International Agreements

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With Article II treaties decreasing drastically over the past administrations, there has been a trend of presidents using executive agreements to handle international affairs. This increasingly liberal use of executive agreements along with unilateral withdrawal and re-entering of recent treaties has been the causes for conflict. Can presidents withdraw from treaties without Congressional consent? Are executive agreements transparent enough and should Congress be more concerned? How will this dynamic impact future U.S. international relations? In order to answer these questions, joining us today on the podcast is Mr. Scott Anderson.

Scott Anderson is a Visiting Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. He is also a Senior Editor and Counsel for Lawfare and a Senior Fellow with the National Security Law Program at Columbia Law School. A former U.S. diplomat and government attorney, Scott is an expert in foreign relations law, international law, and national security law and policy, particularly as they relate to the Middle East region.

Foreign Policy Toolbox: International Agreements

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