Putting an end to jobs for mates in Australian politics

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Jobs for mates – it’s frustrating when it happens in everyday life. Even more so when it happens at the highest levels of politics. A plum job as Trade Commissioner for a former Deputy Premier. A spot on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a former staffer. State and federal governments make hundreds of appointments each year to public boards and tribunals – and many of them go to people with political connections. While it may seem harmless – after all, ‘everyone does it’ – it can have pervasive consequences for Australia’s democracy. Listen to Danielle Wood, CEO, Kate Griffiths, Deputy Program Director, Anika Stobart, Associate, and Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications, discuss Grattan's latest report New politics: A better process for public appointments. Read the report: https://grattan.edu.au/report/new-politics-public-appointments

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