Promo: Launching our Spring Series with WWF Australia

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We are at a crunch point in the climate crisis. The evidence is clear – world leaders must commit to coordinated action that requires an immediate and rapid shift away from fossil fuels. This will fundamentally change the way the world produces electricity, powers mobility and industry, builds our cities, and produces food for nearly 8 billion people. In our new Spring season, Good Will Hunters is partnering with WWF-Australia to ask, what will it take for Australia to become a sustainability superpower? We will talk to leaders from the public, private sector and civil society from Australia and our neighbours, engaging with Indigenous leaders, scientists, policymakers and innovators, about where Australia is faltering on the sustainability agenda and what we need to do to lead the region and the world in building a more sustainable future. At the heart of this series is the future vision for Australia. By not investing in sustainability, are we perpetuating patterns of dependency and insecurity in our region? How much is the development-sustainability nexus becoming central to how we work with our neighbours in the Pacific and Southeast Asia – on achieving a safe and prosperous future? In undergoing this transformation can Australia also become a sustainability and renewable energy exporting superpower? The future of our planet is at stake. This may just be one of our most important conversations yet. We hope you can join us for our first episode, airing next week, and join the conversation online @GoodWillPod and @WWF_Australia and #RegenerateAustralia. Relevant links:

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