Marketing Blueprint Takeover: Adopting a Luxury Mindset in Real Estate (Part 2) with Claudia Powell

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Why Delivering the Highest Level of Service is Always Key:

When it comes to working with luxury real estate clients, there can sometimes be a disconnect in terms of the quality of service provided versus the expectations from the client. The best way to avoid this disconnect? Always strive to deliver the absolute highest level of service imaginable. Remember, just like in the world of luxury concierge services, the more details you take into account, the more likely you’ll be able to mitigate any missteps and ensure an incredibly memorable experience.

To deliver the best service possible, it’s important that you never stop improving your skill set. There’s always something new to learn, and always a way to make any experience better — or custom tailored — for each individual client. If you’re never satisfied with just being okay, you’ll always be improving the quality of service you deliver to your luxury real estate clients. And the better the service is you deliver, the greater likelihood you’ll have of expanding your sphere of influence and growing your referral pipeline.

Understanding the Needs of Luxury Real Estate Clients and Building Your Brand:

Being able to adapt to individual client needs is one of the most vital aspects of being a successful luxury real estate professional. While many client needs may be similar, it’s important to remember that no two clients are completely alike. By cultivating individual relationships with each one of your clients, you can better deliver on their specific needs to ensure a memorable or even bespoke experience that they’ll be sure to tell their own sphere of influence about.

As a real estate professional, you always have to keep in mind that you are your brand. Who you are as a person, what you offer as a professional, and how you choose to interact with clients all help shape and build your individual brand. Remember, how we represent ourselves is going to speak to our clients, and impact the types of clients we are able to attract. When it comes to working with the upper tier, delivering on what you say you’re going to deliver on, and constantly striving to exceed expectations, is the key to building a successful brand and cementing your place as the go-to real estate resource in your respective market.

Topics and Questions You’ll Uncover During this Episode:

  • The similarities between a luxury concierge service and a luxury real estate professional
  • Why is understanding client needs so truly important?
  • How always striving to be better within your industry is so critical to your success
  • How is branding shaped by relationships with clients?
  • Building better rapport with luxury clients via the double platinum rule

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