Marketing Blueprint Series: Winning Luxury Real Estate Listings (Part 2) with Michael Morrison

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The Importance of Properly Preparing for Luxury Real Estate Listing Appointments:

What does your preparation process look like when you’re about to conduct a marketing consultation?

When it comes to luxury real estate, the time and effort you put into preparing are key to securing the listing and entering into a partnership with a new client. There are a variety of tools, such as the Online Wealth Lookup (OWL) tool and WealthEngine, that can help provide you with valuable insight you can use to better prepare for the listing appointment. Throughout the process though, it’s imperative that you constantly keep in mind what the client wants, and always work within their expectations. The key here is not only to help sell their property, but to sell them on your partnership so they become a valuable part of your referral network.

Topics and Questions You’ll Uncover During this Episode:

  • What types of pre-listing materials should you send?
  • How do you research sellers before the marketing consultation?
  • How to manage price expectations during listing appointments
  • How to respond to commission fee pushback

Resources Mentioned within Episode:

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