#081 - Why You Should Use 1001Tracklists with Mike Vaughn

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1001Tracklists is a highly reputable site, that has been tracking every setlist or support from the biggest and smallest artists, from around the world, all the way since 2011.
The biggest artists from Armin Van Buuren to Tiesto have all used, and still use, 1001Tracklists to report what tracks they are supporting, when they are supporting them, how they are supporting those tracks, and which tracks other artists are playing them.
Today, we have Mike Vaughn on to discuss how EDM producers should be using 1001Tracklists, why you should use it, and why you should start reporting your own support for other producers tracks.
Strap in because this is a missively valuable episode that will teach you the ins and outs of 1001Tracklists.
Head to https://enviousaudio.com/episode81 to check out the show notes!

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