Episode 50: Story of the host of 'The Inspiring Talk' Bijay Gautam who is on a mission to share whatever he has learnt in his journey of life

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Bijay Gautam is the Co-founder of WYN Studio, a creative content studio specialising in audio storytelling and podcasts.

He hosts one of the top podcasts in India- The Inspiring Talk reaching over half a million people. On this podcast, he chats with top entrepreneurs, best-selling Authors, Thought leaders and celebrities about their journey. His podcast has gained wider accolade from his listeners and media and was a finalist for Asia’s Best Podcast Award.

As India’s 1st Podcast Coach and Consultant, has coached hundreds of people and helped several organizations launch their podcasts. Bijay has been featured by national media like The Hindu, The Ken, The Sunday Guardian Live among others. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and events.

Before all this began, Bijay was working as a Research Scientist in a leading Pharmaceutical Company. He was clearly losing motivation and drive in his life and that's when he started The Inspiring Talk. Within 15 months of starting his podcast he quit his job to follow his passion on podcasting and inspiring people through his podcast.


1. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bijaygautam/

2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bijayspeaks/

3. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bijayspeaks

4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bijayspeaks

5. Website: https://bijayspeaks.com

6. WYN Studio: http://wyn.studio

About The Inspiring Talk

The Inspiring Talk is a chart-topping self-improvement podcast where host Bijay chats with most successful and inspiring personalities across the world. On the show, host and guests discuss their inspiring journeys and personal transformation topics.

The show has been #1 under Self-improvement and all categories on Apple Podcasts chart in India in the past. The show was a finalist for Asia’s best podcast award in 2019 at Asia Podcast Summit.

About WYN Studio


1. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/theinspiringtalk

2. Website: http://theinspiringtalk.com

3. WYN Studio: http://wyn.studio

4. Instagram- @wyn.studio

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