BW - EP130—005: Philip Marlowe Comes To Radio—Marlowe Launches With Red Wind

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The Adventures of Philip Marlowe debuted on NBC with “Red Wind” on June 17th, 1947. The 1938 short story is set on one of those evenings when the hot, dry Santa Ana wind gusts through Los Angeles, turning the mood sour. The program aired live at 10PM on the east coast, with a second broadcast done at 9PM for the west. The script was adapted by Milton Geiger. Jim Fonda directed. Wendell Niles announced. Harry Bartell played the bartender. Lurene Tuttle was Lola Barsley. The episode also featured Elliot Reid, Bill Johnstone, and William Conrad. By the summer of 1947, Lurene Tuttle was well-known for co-starring on The Adventures of Sam Spade. It was a decidedly different character.

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