147 - BONUS UNLOCKED: Conspiracy Iceberg Lettuce

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Zac's been taken to a black ops site on a small island, so we're releasing last month's bonus episode this week! It's a fun, loose and long one today because we dived as deep as we could into some whacky (or are they??) Australian conspiracy theories.

As the basis of our research we used @John_Macgowan's "definitive Australian conspiracy theory iceberg" which you can see in high(er) res here: https://mobile.twitter.com/john_macgowan/status/1333922659185303553

The ones we ended up going into were: RAAF Min Min Lights Investigation, Tamam Shud, Bjelke-Petersen Death Camps, pre-colonisation viking settlements, and Lightning Ridge vril mining. If you want to send us bonus potlucks about any of the ones we didn't cover we would absolutely love that. Try to make it as a) brief and b) ranty as possible. Preferably you should be pointing emphatically at diagrams that can't be seen by the listener.

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