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Season 2 of AMV podcast with Lifafa. In 2013, Suryakant started recording jazz music for Peter Cat Recording Co., a New Delhi hemp jazz outfit. It is one of the most unique and experimental bands to emerge from India. A few years back, Suryakant started his solo electronic project called Lifafa.

Lifafa carries a unique sound and aesthetics. It flows smoothly between various genres such as jazz, retro Bollywood, lo-fi, soul, and RnB funk. NME, in their review, perfectly describes his style, "The chill, textured music invokes feelings of long-lost lovers, of fleeting moments of sadness."

Some of the topics discussed during the podcast:

  1. Difference between the taste of Indian and European Audience. Why, as an artist, he likes to perform more in India.
  2. He explains the enigmatic process of art.
  3. Strange incidents while playing a late-night gig in Gurgaon.
  4. Nostalgic lanes of Delhi ft Hauz Khas Village, Barasati house and My Bar, Paharganj.
  5. Why does he consider Goa a unique space for an artist.
  6. Concept of 'Dopamine Fasting' in the age of social media.
  7. The idea of creative boredom
  8. Why youtube is one of the best mediums of expression and community on the internet.
  9. Vipassana mediation and expansion of consciousness in the artistic journey.

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Credit for the Music: Jaago by LIfafa ( Used under the fair use)

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