#24 with Aseem Chandaver

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Aseem Chandaver is connoisseur of underground B- films. He has worked with Eros/AIB/Arre/Netflix/Vice.

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In this episode we discussed :

  1. Why is he obsessed with B - films?
  2. Kanti Shah and Ramsay brother’s peak era.
  3. Difference between A, B , C and D grade film industry.
  4. How B filmmakers found hack to bypass censor boards
  5. Gunda trilogy.
  6. When Aseem met Kanti Shah.
  7. His experience of working as a writer at Saifai Mahotsav. ( Starts at 45:50)
  8. How hierarchies work in the mainstream and B industry. He also explains why he believes B-industry was like TikTok from the pre TikTok era that grew up as a rebellion against the elitism and sophistication of mainstream industry.
  9. Appropriation of B films by Bollywood.

Thank you Rekoil Chafe for letting me use the music. Check out his work : https://www.instagram.com/rekoilchafe/?hl=en

Some links:

1. In defence of Poor Image.



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