September 25 2022: Crunchyroll Dubs, Unions and Recasting

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Anime Roundtable द्वारा - Player FM और हमारे समुदाय द्वारा खोजे गए - कॉपीराइट प्रकाशक द्वारा स्वामित्व में है, Player FM द्वारा नहीं, और ऑडियो सीधे उनके सर्वर से स्ट्रीम किया जाता है। Player FM में अपडेट ट्रैक करने के लिए ‘सदस्यता लें’ बटन दबाएं, या फीड यूआरएल को अन्य डिजिटल ऑडियो फ़ाइल ऐप्स में पेस्ट करें।

Moh returns to the table and we start with his thoughts from last episode. Especially on upselling out of print, hard to find manga, Japanese guests at FanExpo, Moh’s movie watching, and Kevin, James, and Shin Megami Tensei

39:52 - We talk at length about the Kyle McCarley situation concerning losing his role in Mob Psycho 100 and try to read between the lines with Crunchyroll’s movements in it

In the bullets segment

1:11:55 - What caught our attention from Aniplex Fest. Mainly Urusei Yatsura’s North American streaming rights going to Sentai and HiDive, Chainsaw Man, and the Rurouni Kenshin anime

1:24:09 - Netflix…TaDummmmm. And how Cyberpunk Edgerunner gives a new angle to the industry’s media mix

1:32:00 - Is there any Nippon TV stuff on Disney+ in Canada? Mike wants to get that return on his $2 investment (or about $1.50 US)

1:37:10 - What’s Kevin reading in a new segment we will call, “Kevin’s Culture Corner”. And finally what’s in all our queues

This Week’s Drinking Game: Take a sip whenever we hint Wu Tang CREAM, then a shot when we do

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Opening Theme: “FUBUKI - Snowstorm” performed by Pico Masaki

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