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In this episode the C is for Comedy and then at 7:45, for the first time I interview three different people! We discuss the profound effects of Ayahuasca with Tahina Awan, TJ Dawe and Damond Tschritter.

Ayahuasca has come up before and interviews in this podcast and so I thought I would talk with Tahina who helps with ceremonies with the plant medicine in the Santi Daime Church. Both TJ and Damonde, wrote one person shows about their very profound experiences with the medicine.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Gina Bastone – mentor and clown – passed away of May 26th 2021.
Santo Daime Church – this website is for the Montreal chapter.

Shipibo Tribe in Peru

The Three Churches that use Ayahuasca legally in Brazil:
Santo Daime, Barquinha, Uniao de Vegetal

Yawanawa Tribe in Brazil

Of note: Joaquin Phoenix travels to Yawanawa Brazil on You Tube
Ceu do Mar is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dr. Gabor Mate - https://drgabormate.com/

TJ Dawe - https://www.tjdawe.ca/

Damonde Tschritter - shorturl.at/tCIU0

Music Selections by Zapslat, Fesliyan Studios, Sam Chime and Epidemic Sounds
Graphics by Abbey Spracklin
Special Thanks to Steven Holmes

Photo of TJ Dawe by Dave Morris

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