The Arts & Theological Education -- Part 2

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One of my research areas for my dissertation was the types of instructional methods that can achieve character qualities (e.g, affective objectives, habits, will, ...). I saw that the visual and performing arts are ideal for impacting the heart. They can be used to mitigate some of the weaknesses of the traditional academic model. Even more exiciting was to realize how the visual and performing arts could become an outstanding tool for communicating exegesis in a manner that would draw and impact hearers. I propose the following model:

1. Students perpare an exegesis. From that same exegesis, students create a

A. sermon

B. Sunday school lesson

C. piece of visual art (e.g., comic book, photo display with captions, slide show, chalk talk)

D. piece of performing art (e.g., radio drama, pupet show, You-tube video)

2. Repeat the process often enough to make the new skills stick.

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