The Way to Help a City is to Love it (Episode 186)

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Start small. That’s what Jenny Taylor did when God gave her a vision to spread His love in her city. And from that small seed, God has done remarkable things! As they celebrate 20 years of ministry, Jenny and her husband, Brian, share how God has done exceedingly more than they could ask or think! As part of their celebration, they dedicated their newest facilities, along with their guests which included many local and regional government officials, community leaders and nearly 90 partner agencies and organizations. Join host, Doug Stringer, Jenny Taylor, founder of Somebody Cares Scotland, and Brian Taylor the CEO of Somebody Cares Scotland, as they share the incredible story of what the Lord has done. What began in the heart of Jenny Taylor, inspired by a relationship with Doug Stringer and Somebody Cares America, has now become a well-recognized charity and nonprofit in the UK and beyond. Their passion for God and heart for people has now become a ministry with over 20 warehouses and buildings, and nearly 500,000 square feet of facilities…meeting the needs of people on multiple levels.

In August 2002, Somebody Cares Founder, Jenny Taylor and her husband Brian, attended a presentation by Doug Stringer, founder of Somebody Cares America/International. Recognizing her own desire to offer help to those in need in Aberdeen, Jenny was touched by the care, work, ethos, and values of Somebody Cares America / Int’l. Keen to replicate their model within Aberdeen, Somebody Cares Scotland was born. Stating small, they rented a store in Wellington Street, rented a van and along with a single volunteer Jenny began to collect donated furniture and food to redistribute it to those in need with the city. From these simple beginnings, care, empathy and hope for the future was demonstrated within Aberdeen. It wasn’t long until word of Jenny’s work within the city was highlighted to Aberdeen City Council and demand for the charity’s services increased exponentially.

What is God asking you to do? Don’t be afraid to start small and watch what God will do through your obedience!

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