#59 Legacy of Saheb Kanshi Ram by Sagar

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Sagar is a writer and journalist currently working with The Caravan. In this episode he discuss in detail about the ideas, legacy and pragmatism of Saheb Kanshi Ram. Kanshi Ram is one of the biggest name in the Dalit movement in India’s political landscape. He launched the Bahujan Samaj Party in 1984, which went on to form the government in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh on four occasions.

To call Manyavar Kanshi Ram, only a politician would be very much of an understatement. He was a disruptor who dislocated the Indian political landscape and gave power to one of the most oppressed people in this country.

Sagar discusses not only about the times when Bahujan politics was at its peak but also these bleak times when the entire foundation on which Kanshiram laid his ideas are on shaky grounds. What has worked, what has changed, and what can we learn from the past to understand our present better, we discuss it all in this episode.

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