E156: Create a Simple Morning Routine and Arrive on Time without Nagging for Moms and Children with ADHD

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It was our worst morning last school year. I screwed up big time, and left school drop off feeling demoralized and ashamed.

This is not how I want mornings to go with my kids.

Do you feel that way in the mornings, too?

When our ADHD causes consequences for our kids, the guilt and shame kick into high gear.

Thankfully, most mornings are not like this for our family. Our mornings are usually smooth and happy, and I have time for a good conversation with my oldest before he leaves for school.

How can you feel refreshed, relaxed, calm, motivated during stressful mornings, too? Today I’m sharing how our ADHD friendly morning routine keeps us on time and motivated to tackle the day.

Here’s my secret to a simple ADHD morning routine and how I use our smart home speaker to keep us on time for school. You can have this level of peace in the mornings, too, mama!

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