E152: My Arriving Home Routine: Easy Routines for Moms with ADHD for Calm Evenings and Smooth Mornings - "Top Tips" Encore

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Today I'm explaining what I do when I walk in the door after a long day.

Before the chaos really takes off, I take a few minutes to sort the clutter of backpacks, diaper bags, lunch boxes, and work bags and prepare for the next day. This gives me less to do before bed and keeps the to-do list short in the mornings.

Starting this chain of events sets yourself up for a handful of habits that will make your life easier. Less to do before bed when you have absolutely no energy, and less to do in the morning when you're already running late, amirite?

**Note: This episode originally aired in April of 2019. As I take a break for the summer and quality time with my family, I'm sharing episodes that will help you get ready for the summer, support you with some integral support skills for ADHD, and then get ready for the new school year.

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I'm cooking up some good stuff behind the scenes. Plus, I'll see you in the fall with brand new episodes! Talk to you then, Successful Mama!

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