Ep. 91 - We Have a Winner!

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Episode 91 (5/4/22)
Voting Results: Round 4 (Final Voting)
Round 4: Dawn 58votes/75%
Cameron 19votes/25%

The next Top 5 list?
Top 5 Karaoke Songs
Top 5 best beers
Top 5 TV Show Intro Songs
Deadlines: Monday, June 13, 9-5pm - Las Vegas
- Athletes Rep (4)/Honorary Awards/EC Positions
PL Situation
The technical comptroller at Nationals stops you as you're about to walk to the platform for your third attempt bench. They tell you that your wrist wraps are illegally wrapped and that they need to be removed/fixed before you can step on the platform. You have 20 seconds left on the clock. What do you do?

New Lifter Tip
Extra long "press" calls on Bench are typically the lifter's fault. A press call is only given when the bar is motionless on the chest. The key word is "motionless". Agree or Disagree?
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