Orphan Black, S05E08- Guillotines Decide

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Oh, listeners, I don't want to believe it's true. But I suspect it is.
This damn woman Siobhan won't quit playing games with my heart. She makes me love her, then does underhanded shit behind Sarah's back time and time again, then does something totally badass and amazing and makes me love her again. This is her way. And this is just what she does in this episode.
And then, she maybe dies.
It's hard to know at the end of this episode. The camera makes it look like she's dead, but perhaps they get home just in time? Maybe she called the cops before getting inside? Maybe there's some other magical way she gets through this? *prays silently* Because I don't want to be around for Sarah and Fe finding out that S is gone, I really don't. That is going to be a shit show, all the more because Ferdinand is already dead so there's nobody to go after in revenge.
Unless they decide to go after Rachel?
Oh yeah, and Gracie dies. Bad luck, Gracie.

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