#153: Be Your Own Hero with Donald Miller

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What prevents people from taking that first step to becoming their own hero?

This week on YAP we are chatting with Donald Miller. Donald is an author, public speaker, and business owner, widely considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers in the world. He is the CEO of StoryBrand, a marketing company that helps more than 3,000 business leaders clarify their brand message so their companies grow every year. Donald’s thoughts on stories have deeply influenced leaders and teams for Pantene, Ford/Lincoln, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-A, Steelcase, Intel, Prime Lending, and thousands more.

He is also the CEO of Business Made Simple, the host of the Business Made Simple podcast, and the author of personal essays and books about faith, God, and self-discovery, including the bestsellers Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple, and his most recent, Hero on a Mission. He lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Elizabeth on their estate: Goose Hill.

In this episode, Donald will share all of his philosophies from his new book Hero On a Mission. We will talk about Donald’s 4 characteristics: Victim, Hero, Villain, and Guide, and how we can choose which role we want to play. We will also dive into how writing a eulogy can help us get closer to our goals not by focusing on our death, but our life!

If you want to learn more about personal transformation and how to go from a victim to a hero, this is an episode for you!

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(00:41) - Donald shares about his mid 20s and his previous victim mentality

(05:16) - The genesis of Donald’s book Hero On A Mission

(08:37) - Breaking down the 4 characteristics found in the book

(09:27) - The Victim

(13:16) - The Villain

(15:00) - The Hero

(15:55) - The Guide

(18:45) - The inspirational story of a Victim transforming to a Hero

(20:55) - Donald explains the difference between an external locus of control and an internal locus of control

(24:42) - What prevents someone from taking that step to become a hero?

(32:37) - Why writing a eulogy help you get closer to your goals

(36:11) - The elements of a well written eulogy

(39:28) - How to take action on what you’ve written in your eulogy

(42:18) - The story of Victor Frankl and Logotherapy

(47:26) - Donald gives his definition of personal agency

(49:55) - What is the one actionable thing that our listeners can do today to be more profiting tomorrow?

(51:30) - Why is the question “Who am I becoming?” an important question to ask yourself?

(52:24) - What is Donald’s secret to profiting in life?

Mentioned In The Episode:

Donald’s Book - https://amazon.com/dp/1400226945

Donald’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/donaldmiller

My Daily Planner - https://heroonamission.com/

Free Download - https://heroonamission.com/

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