Kalin Johnson: Navigating medications & developing your treatment plan

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Episode 97 with Kalin Johnson.

“When I was growing up, my mom used to ask, ‘Don’t you ever get tired of thinking?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, but what am I going to do? Is there an alternative?’”

Kalin is an American healthcare provider, mental health advocate, and entrepreneur. She shows high-achieving, neurodivergent individuals how to unmask their health and feel their best through concierge whole person care. As a licensed clinical pharmacist, functional medicine specialist, healthcare advocate, and neurodivergent mentor, Kalin bridges the gap between mental health and physical health through her professional and personal experience.

After a year of struggling with extreme burnout and depression, she was diagnosed with ADHD, autism, and PTSD at the age of 33. Contrary to some, she had always suspected she was autistic but she was shocked when her therapist first told her she suspected ADHD. Kalin had to unpack a lot of the overzealous coping mechanisms that had been in place since she was young to compensate for her mostly inattentive ADHD symptoms.

We discuss what it takes to curate a neurodivergent-affirming care team. We also discuss self-advocacy and finding the right medications for your treatment plan.

And we chat about her experience coming out as queer versus her experience "coming out" as ADHD & autistic, and why the latter proved to be the more difficult experience for her.

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Kalin will be hosting a live Q&A in the Women & ADHD online community on Sunday, August 21, where she will be giving an intro to ADHD medications, explaining the different types of popular ADHD medications, their classifications, and what symptoms they target. She'll also be available to answer your burning questions about medications and ADHD treatment plans!

For more info and to register, head to www.womenandadhd.com/events.

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Kalin is also hosting a free webinar on September 27 on the topic of neurodivergent advocacy.

Website: kalinjohnson.com

Instagram: @kalinpharmd

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