Episode 8 - Electric Vehicles - Making The Switch ... With Rebecca Hansen

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We all know that reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is key to tackling the climate emergency. Electric Vehicles are often put forward as a solution, with technology and infrastructure improving rapidly.

However making the switch to an electric vehicle can seem a large leap - requiring change in behaviour and a learning curve, as well as concerns about costs, battery life and charging stations.

So what are the actual barriers and how can we find out which electric vehicle would work best for us?

In this episode Where Does It Come From?'s Jo Salter talks to Rebecca Hansen, director of TryWyre, a online tool designed to help people find and purchase the right electric vehicle for them. A life long environmentalist, Rebecca has over 20 years experience of delivering mission critical projects for large companies and government organizations.

TryWyre - www.trywyre.com

Where Does It Come From? - www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk

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