Episode 374- Scream [5?] (2022)

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First of all, apologies because I genuinely can't figure out if the number 5 is included in the film's title. Also, "5cream" or nothing, c'mon guys. Anyway! That's the movie we're talking about, and special topics for your consideration include: having actual feelings about celeb's marriages, a lil bit of Hollywood nepotism, drawing a strong parallel between this film and the other fine film "No Holds Barred," very strong opinions on pizza, and just a modest proposal to all those who make horror movies.

We've now watched nearly every film in this franchise, and we actually watched the first one first! The original is Episode 44, then we've got "Scre4m" in Episode 228 and "Scr3am" in Episode 278. And just for fun, please enjoy our other works of David Arquette: Episode 93- "Ravenous" and Episode 241- "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Do you want to see a truly exceptional indie wrestling event? Last night was the "Renegade" show put on by our friends at Enjoy Wrestling (www.enjoy-wrestling.com.) I personally missed it live and am sad because it looked like a killer time, but am absolutely going to watch it weekly on the their YouTube channel (in the linktree above) between April 21 and May 5. It's the next best thing!

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