Orphan Black, S04E08- The Redesign Of Natural Objects

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Hello everyone! It's time for that episode where we have to sit through some awkward moments of Jesus Christ Superstar (Maggie throws some shade at Andrew Lloyd Webber and I LOL) in order to get a pretty satisfying ending to a certain shady cop's storyline.
Listen, I'm going to warn you all that this show has a syndrome that I'm going to call Monet Syndrome, where I go into a recording all ready to talk about how much I enjoyed a certain episode...and then. The more I start talking about it and looking closer at it, the more things start to fall apart. People don't do things that it seems their characters should have done. The logistics of things don't always work out. The reasoning behind certain things can remain murky to the point where Maggie and I aren't actually sure if there's a reason at all.
That's not to say that this is a bad show. It's not doing things so poorly that I'm yelling at the TV while I'm watching (like I was with The Walking Dead, which shall forever be my yardstick for bad television). It's not until later, during discussion, that a question occurs to me and Maggie sorta stop and is like, "Ummm, I don't know, maybe...this?" And we have to fanwank in order for the plot point to make sense.
So I would love it if, after listening, you all share with me your answers to some of our questions, if you have them. Because sometimes I think we genuinely missed things, and others...I guess we'll see!
Thanks so much for listening, you lovely gems, and I will see you next week!

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