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This Wild Song (TWS) celebrates Australian female identifying artists through portraits, interviews, exhibitions and events. This podcast is a series of honest conversations with TWS artists about art, business and life. We address the practicalities and realities of being a professional artist, and the ‘business’ of art. Designed as a resource for artists, we answer your questions such as how do you support your arts practice financially? How important is an arts education? How do you structure your days? Plus we also discuss representation, self promotion, motherhood, self care and share advice for emerging artists. Melbourne artist Ilona Nelson created TWS to support female artists and address gender equality in the arts in a positive way. Although the featured artists are at different stages of their arts career, from varying backgrounds, and use a diverse range of mediums; they are unified by their unique voices and distinct style. The inclusion of so many artistic mediums in TWS offers a broad synopsis of contemporary Australian art. To learn more about This Wild Song please go to and follow us on instagram at @thiswildsong.

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