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In a two-part interview, Side B finds Melissa Mbugua and I chatting about creative business in Africa and building houses so that people can do things. We also talk about what choosing work inspired by play looks like and delve deeper into what heavy duty imagination business really looks like.

Episode Notes:

To connect with Melissa Mbugua

Melissa Mbugua's website and to read her musings on Medium (Melissa Mbugua on Medium)

To join Creatives for Climate Change : Creatives for Climate Change Network

NBO Film Fest 2021/22 details and to watch NBO Film Festival CoDirector Mbithi Masya's film Kati Kati

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What book she is reading: Skin In the Game - Nasim Nicholas Taleb (Goodreads)

About the Podcast

Hosted by Josephine Karianjahi from home studio on a #BlueYeti Microphone and #Bose Headphones. Virtual Interview captured on #Cleanfeed and recorded in Nairobi, Kenya and Dusseldorf, Germany. Edited via GarageBand.

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