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Captured in under 60 minutes, this episode finds Marcus Olang', a Kenyan photographer and media personality whose words storify his photography. His work behind the lens and his journey to speaking up has led him to have a life of advocacy and impact beyond the frame.

Episode Notes:

To connect with Marcus - Stills By Marcus

Read his musings on Beyond The Stills

To support voices gathered to raise funds for cancer treatments in Kenya - support the award winning Twakutukuza Trust choir which Marcus has been photographing for years, and which donates proceeds from the Trust events to support the high cost of cancer care in Kenya

Places of Interest

Diani Beach: Ultimate Guide to Diani Beach

Karura Forest: Watch Josephine's captivating video reel (Instagram) or support Friends of Karura Forest (Website)


KOT: Kenyans on Twitter - very active Twitter users in Kenya who can either be a fierce mob or mobilise for good depending on the day of the week

Tetris: One of the earliest video games, considered more challenging than chess as speed and dexterity are required

About the Podcast

Hosted by Josephine Karianjahi from home studio on a #BlueYeti Microphone and #Bose Headphones. Virtual Interview captured on #Cleanfeed and recorded in Nairobi, Kenya and Dusseldorf, Germany. Edited via GarageBand.

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