Turning Red

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Jodi, Alex and Philip discuss the new Pixar film, 'Turning Red,' available now on Disney+. The third major animated Pixar film to be released directly to the streaming service with no premium surcharge, 'Turning Red' has been an object of praise and criticism for tackling themes of adolescence. Any risk of an awkward family viewing experience is greatly superseded, however, by 'Turning Red's' charming characters and signature heartfelt storytelling from Pixar. Mei Lin is a 13-year old living in 2002 Toronto whose family carries an enchanted bloodline allowing the women to transform into a giant red panda upon reaching adulthood. This creates problems at home and at school, altering Mei Lin's promising future along with her most treasured relationships. Follow The ThawedCast: Conversations About Animation: twitter.com/thawedcast and instagram.com/thawedcast. instagram.com/jodipolasky, instagram.com/ayeedeezy, instagram.com/philipehlke. Visit thawedcast.com

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