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Jodi, Bridget, and Philip return to the world of 'Enchanted' in its sequel 15 years in the making. Set around a decade after the original film, Giselle and Patrick have a child of their own, the infant Sofia, and Morgan is entering her senior year of high school. They move from their Manhattan apartment to the idyllic suburb of Monroeville, but Morgan (and to a lesser extent Robert) is unhappy with the change. Despite having a more-or-less amicable relationship with her teenage stepdaughter, the added friction of the move casts a gloom over the household that Giselle attempts to lift by resorting to magic. Using a wishing wand gifted to Sofia by King Edward and Queen Nancy of Andalasia, Giselle wishes for the fairytale life she was hoping Monroeville would provide, but the wand's spell proves to be far more effective than Giselle ever would have anticipated.... Follow The ThawedCast: Conversations About Animation: twitter.com/thawedcast and instagram.com/thawedcast. instagram.com/jodipolasky, instagram.com/bridget5246, instagram.com/philipehlke. Visit thawedcast.com

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