Building Resilience During Times of Growth, Uncertainty, and Change

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Episode 29: Build that internal strength that will help carry you through life
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Too many of us wait until crisis is upon us before we realize the importance of a change in behavior, thought pattern, or environment. What if we worked our minds ten minutes every day to build the mental resilience and strength we need to thrive no matter what external circumstances happen around us? Elite Performance Expert, Deborah Dubree, shares her "7 C's" framework for solo-prenuers and top performers to claim the life they know they're capable of.
12:43 Here's something and this is what I will do even with my NFL players or with corporate people. I use what I call, e-magination. It's imagining with emotion. It's knowing that the mind doesn't know the difference between real or imagined.
30:32 Now, most people when they come to me and I don't care who they are, what position they have, they want more competence. I want more competence to do X, you know, so they might be competent in 95% of what they're doing. And that 5% it's like, I want, I want, I need more confidence in this area. And I go, no, you don't. They go, what do you mean? I said, competence is an end result. What you're looking for is courage.
46:29 We have to train our brain and our emotional system every single day.
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