Midlife Marriage Crisis and Connecting

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Mid Life Crisis… the butt of many jokes. And a crisis for many marriages! I have seen several studies that challenged whether there is such a thing as a mid life crisis. I don’t find many of my therapist or coach friends wondering that. We see it every day. And I see the strain a MLC can place on an already-hurting marriage. If the marriage is disconnected already, a MLC turns into a MLMC (mid life marriage crisis). Which often leads to compounding issues, like an affair. What can you do, if your spouse is having a mid life crisis? And what if it is complicated by an affair? In this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast, I discuss what a MLC is, when it can become a MLMC, and what to do in response. Even if there is an affair. (Why this episode? Because a listener asked. If you have a question — a Goldilocks question, as I discuss in the episode — you can send it here.) RELATED RESOURCES: Mid Life Crisis Series Why Connection is So Important The Pause Button Dealing with Affairs My Book: Recovering from the Affair My Program: Save The Marriage

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