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I wish I had a crystal ball that would let me successfully determine which marriages could be saved. Yes, it is true. Not every marriage WILL be saved. I can't guarantee that. But I DO think there is a "reverse" guarantee. If your marriage is in trouble and you do nothing, I can pretty much guarantee that your marriage will NOT survive. But guarantee that it WILL survive? I can't do that. What I try to do, instead, is "stack the deck" in your favor. I try to provide tools and change that will INCREASE the chances of your saving your marriage. And not just save. Help it to thrive. Help you to build a marriage that BOTH of you would treasure and protect. Some people act like it is just a game of chance. A flip of the coin. Heads up, you stay married; tails up, you divorce. That is NOT the case. You can improve your chances. But not just by trying "a little of this, a little of that." You need a coherent process and method, along with some tools and understandings. But what I have noticed is there are some factors that determine a higher likelihood of success. And the more of these five factors that are moving your way, the better your "hand" you are playing. One of these factors is outside of your control. But you have four others that you CAN control. You want to save your marriage and you want to improve it. Your spouse, though, can't see that right now. So, you need to have your best hand to play as you work on the relationship. What are those 5 Factors? I discuss each one in this week's Save The Marriage Podcast. You can listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Why Your Spouse Can't See A Way Forward Why You Need to Change Why You Need a Plan Why the Roadblocks Why You Need a System

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