Episode 68: Kevin Huerter (featuring Tyrese Haliburton and Kenny Beecham)

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It’s a “3 for the price of 1” episode on the Old Man and the Three today as JJ and Tommy welcome in three great guests. Leading things off is Kevin Huerter, the Atlanta Hawks rising star. In an honest and candid discussion he delves into his ascension into the league, what it’s like to face off against the now NBA Champion Bucks, his favorite memes, and much more. Then it’s on to the mailbag and TOP 5/Draft with OM3 correspondent Tyrese Haliburton and close friend of the pod Kenny Beecham. The topic of the draft is “Movies you would like to see remade”, and not shockingly there is an immediate controversy surrounding Tommy’s picks. All solid choices, but as always, you’ll have to pick a side.

Kevin Huerter

Breaks down what it is about about the Bucks that makes them so tough to beat

Discusses how roles can change from one playoff series to another

What was his team’s confidence level heading into the playoffs considering how everyone’s surprised by the Hawks run

How Trae Young embraced playing the villain in the Knicks series

JJ reminisces about the Maryland fans abuse towards him (Kevin’s alma mater)

What is his hometown of Clifton Park, NY like

Why didn’t he end up a Syracuse

JJ calls out Kevin for a quote that he gave early in his career

On being immediately thrown in a box if you’re a white guy who can shoot

His welcome to the NBA moment with KD

Lessons he’s learned from his first playoff run

Does he feel his skill set and size is perfectly suited for the playoffs

On the Hawks' resilience in the playoffs

Talks about Nate McMillan taking over and changing the team

On the Hawks roster construction

TOP 5 Draft with Tyrese Haliburton and Kenny Beecham

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