Episode 52: Ethan Brown

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In this 6th installment of the Leadership Series, JJ and Tommy welcome in the CEO and founder of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown. Ethan chronicles his incredible journey thus far and details how his company came to be. He also dives into several other topics such as his love for the game of basketball, what drove him to create his company and his unique product, the importance of having athletes embrace his product, his partnerships in the food industry and much more.


  • Details the backstory on how and why he came to found Beyond Meat
  • What was his personal diet like growing up and when did he take notice of what he was putting in his body
  • How did he take an idea for a plant based meat and have it come to fruition
  • Was breaking down meat and plants into 5 categories something his team came up with or was there already literature on it
  • Does he remember the very first beyond burger he ever ate
  • Explains the passion to continually improve his product and the process of making it
  • When does he feel the outside world began to catch up and recognize what he was doing
  • On the importance of getting mainstream athletes to buy in on this product
  • Why is having a daily routine and an emphasis on self care so important
  • On how preparation translates into confidence
  • Discusses the unique partnerships his company has forged in the food industry
  • Has his strategy shifted during the pandemic
  • Besides confronting risk and failure, what other leadership qualities stand out to him
  • Has his view of leadership evolved over the years
  • Has he been surprised at how anything has turned out
  • Breaks down the nutritional value of plant based meats and debunks the arguments against it

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