S01E09 | The future of Laser Technology with Edwin Kroon of Lion Lasers

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This podcast has taken a while to release, but it is just as relevant today, as it was when we initially recorded it.

If you have any interest in lasers, then this should open your mind to a whole range of possible uses outside of just cutting holes and shapes in tubes and flat metal products.

Edwin has a scientific background in biology, and on seeing a laser in action for the first time, became almost addicted to the possibilities of this technology.

We talked about the following in this podcast:

* Laser applications in the aerospace sector
* How we can learn from nature and apply those structures to metals
* The potential benefits of laser in commercial applications
* Why the medical sector could be a huge market for the laser industry
* More typical applications and the benefits to industry
* The limitations of etching and engraving due to time constraints
* Laser technology, and the fastest speeds that we can possibly achieve

If you work in the metal or engineering sector, then join the conversation. Let us know what topics you want to have featured on the show, or maybe YOU could join us as a guest.


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