TLAS2 Chapter 8 Revelation

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After barely surviving two desperately challenging missions, the dispirited members of the Web return to their headquarters to lick their wounds. But the Spider has a bombshell to drop that will paint all their recent discoveries in a stark new light.



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Blades in the Dark:

Alone in the Dark:

Solo Oracles:

Faction clocks:



Payoff: 4

Coin 2

Heat 10 (Wanted 1)

Entanglements: Usual Suspects (Frake (Flint’s locksmith) arrested & questioned: vanished)

Valerian: Recover (complete), Vice (shopping): -2 Stress

Spider: Vice x2 (debt to Circle of Flame): -7 Stress

Sallow: Vice (erotic reflexology): -4 Stress, Recover (¼)

Crater: Vice x2 (Dreamdust): -2 Stress

Trace: Vice (prayers to Fove): -5 Stress, Train (Resolve)

Tatters: Train x 2 (Resolve)

XP assigned

I CHING QUESTION:: What opportunities present themselves? (63, 27): Settled, Nourishment. Take stock, observe others, then act.


Unseen: Infiltrate the City Council +1, Expand into other cities +1

House of Whispers: Win House Montisario influence on the City Council +2

The Wraiths: Recruit expert thieves +2, Secure an arcane ally +1

The Silver Nails: Lord Tortemus: Rule the Silver Nails COMPLETE, Obtain arcane secrets +1

TAROT QUESTION: What has the House of Whispers done to gain influence?

Past: Justice: a carefully weighed decision has been taken

Present: Queen of Wands: people are brought together (Mina and Tristan)

Future: Ace of Swords: a puzzle or challenge will be solved, an opportunity realised

The Montisario/ Toreth union will shift the balance of power away from the Arch Dominar.

RUNIC READING (Cross): To what end?

The Underlying Influence: Fehu (inverted): a fall from favour (Montisario and Toreth)

The Obstacle: Tiwaz: A successful end to a conflict, that will come with a price (the War)

The Blessing: Algiz: A protector or ally (Dhrume)

The Road Ahead: Ingwaz: Earth, nature, growth (increase influence

The Destination: Laguz: Water, change, risk (expansion of the empire)

IRONSWORN ORACLE: Why did the Web take a stand? Demand Superstition (resist religious conformity)

SIMPLE Q: Did they believe the Unseen were backing the Cult? (Likely) 5,5,3 Yes, But (they dont’ know why)

SIMPLE Q: was the source of this intel Doctor Kropp? (Likely) 6,5,5 Yes

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