Metabolic Health In A Science Censored World

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J Gulinello MS, CNSc, FNTP, found his way to health and nutrition through some unlikely channels. He has a degree from Berklee in Music Production & Engineering but always had a love of sports in his background. He became an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Fitness Nutrition and developed an obsession with longevity and optimal health. Always willing to challenge even his own beliefs in favor of an evidence-based approach, he started down the rabbit hole that is nutrition. Reading dozens of books, attending conferences, and partnering with MDs, PhDs, and engineers alike he found that not only was his approach to nutrition founded on incomplete science but that the standard approach to nutrition veered off course decades ago. His passion led him to the Nutritional Therapy Association where he graduated as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. At NTA they take a bio-individual approach to nutrition that goes far beyond recommending macronutrient ratios focusing on digestion, fatty acids, hydration, minerals, and blood sugar, the approach is complete and considers all systems of the body and how they work synergistically. He recently completed a master’s degree in clinical human nutrition while working with doctors and nurses at a hospital in New York City on how to improve nutrition, sleep, stress management, and a host of other lifestyle interventions centered on human performance and longevity. He is currently creating a retreat center to bring this message of health to an in-person setting. His independent research focuses on nutrition seen through an evolutionary/ancestral lens.

He also still finds time to climb mountains, run races and challenge himself physically at every turn. His evolving knowledge of nutrition as not only fuel for the body but also as a therapeutic tool allows him to help others perform and live optimally.

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