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… you’ll find out why aging and stress are the major contributors to neurodegenerative diseases in your lifetime, what you can do to stave off the effects, and how you can kickstart your brain into functioning at a way higher level.

You’ll also learn about:

  • BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and ways to increase it
  • Options for how you can support your brain’s neurogenesis
  • How certain mushrooms and collagen can be used to increase your cognitive function—so you can focus, concentrate and be more creative
  • How customized nootropics can help you reach peak mental performance

Matt Gallant keeps coming back on the show to introduce innovative supplements that work with your brain and body. We’ve talked about nootropics, psychobiotics, magnesium, enzymes, blood sugar, gut health and more.

As co-founder of BiOptimizers, Matt makes important connections within body systems and finds unique ways to maximum human performance. After a personal health scare with his own brain, he’s turned his professional attention to hacking and upgrading the brain in as many ways as possible.

Most people’s brains aren't at 100% due to many factors, he says, like lack of sleep, chronic high stress, an inadequate diet, and overuse of certain drugs and prescriptions.

Mr. Noots, (scientist Mark Effinger) teamed up with Matt on this quest to support brain health and improve cognitive function. After a childhood exploring everything science, chemistry and physics, he joined the US Air Force and became an endurance athlete and bodybuilder. His life, like Matt’s, took an unexpected turn and he struggled with health issues. It took creative, performance-enhancing nutrition to get himself well. He’s now Chief Product Officer for the mind-enhancing compounds and stacks of nootropics at Nootopia and works side-by-side with Matt.

Their newest product, CollaGenius, combines powerful mushroom extracts and collagen into a formula specifically to energize your brain and body. Collagen improves skin health, relieves joint issues, strengthens hair and nails, and prevents bone loss—and it also does your brain a lot of good.

And here’s what the mushrooms do for you in the right amounts. That’s the key principle—the dose creates the effect.

  • Lion’s Mane: Boosts BDNF
  • Chaga: A natural anti-inflammatory that supports immunity
  • Reishi: Alleviates stress
  • Cordyceps: Elevates athletic performance and maximizes brain health

Together, Matt and Mr. Noots continue pushing limits and finding ways to make your brain operate at its highest capacity.


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