153a: The Tomb of Tutankhamun (Part 1)

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Seek and Discover. In this episode, we begin the tale of the most famous tomb in history. KV62, a small monument, in the lower reaches of the Valley of the Kings. Overlooked for three thousand years, the tomb finally emerged thanks to a persistent excavator and a stroke of good fortune. However, the Tomb of Tutankhamun has built up its own mythology. In this episode, we begin to explore the tomb, and its discovery, including some lesser-known questions...

Episode Chapters

  • Chapter 1: A Long-Expected Pharaoh 04:15
  • Chapter 2: The Stairway to the Past 27:36
  • Chapter 3: The Door Goes West 46:51
  • Chapter 4: Candles in the Dark 1:08:40
  • Chapter 5: The Antechamber Unmasked 1:22:52
  • Conclusion: 1:38:55

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