Why Is The Real Estate Market Booming? A Q4 Market Analysis

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The Old Normal is dead, and the New Normal includes a booming real estate market for the foreseeable future! Tune into this weeks’ episode of the Forever Cash Podcast, where Jack Bosch unpacks the state of the US economy in Q4 2021 and shares his insights into what to expect in the coming months.

In this episode: • Changing consumer behavior in the post-pandemic economy • Global supply chain crunch and it’s impact on the real estate market • The “big quit” drives activity in the real estate market If you are looking to embrace the New Normal by adopting new ways of living and working, there is no better time to start your land investing business RIGHT NOW. We are in the business of teaching people how to replicate the business model that allowed my wife Michelle and me to walk away from corporate America and build an 8-figure real estate empire using the simplest and most affordable asset class in real estate.

In addition, the business is 100% mobile and designed to remain profitable no matter what crisis hits the stock exchange. If this sounds like a good fit for you, register for our upcoming Land Profit Masterclass, starting on October 25th: https://www.landprofitmaster.com

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