How To Master Sales In Your Land Business with Ryann Dowdy

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In this episode of the Forever Cash Podcast, Michelle Bosch speaks with sales expert and business coach Ryann Dowdy about how to leverage the power of social media as a sales platform for your land business.

In this episode:

👉 What it takes to master sales in your land business

👉 The secrets to social selling

👉 Building your Sales Team

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Meet Ryann Dowdy

Before starting her own business, Ryann spent 15 years in the corporate world, building multi-million dollar sales organizations for start-ups in the marketing space. From sales rep and an individual contributor to Director of Sales – Ryann has mentored, managed, and trained thousands of sales reps during her career.

Ryann has teamed up with sales mastermind and founder of The Live Launch Method, Kelly Roach, to establish the Social Selling Academy. The power team has created a learning space for CEOs and their teams to learn the most cutting-edge sales methods that leverage the power of social media to generate leads, foster relationships, and ultimately close deals.

How to use social media to master sales in your land business

According to Ryann, social media platforms can be used as a business tool to generate sales in your land business if used correctly.

She points out that the traditional sales methods relied on developing relationships, and social media provides the same opportunity but on a much larger scale.

“When I started in sales right out of college, I used to spend a lot of time cold calling people, traveling around to people’s offices, and pushing open doors. I was only ever able to reach a few hundred potential clients in this way. Now, with social media, I can virtually knock on the door of billions of people – literally BILLIONS.”

The rapid growth of social media platforms means use direct messages and start the kinds of conversations that foster relationships that can and ultimately can result in sales.

Building your ideal sales team

When you start your land investing business, you are your own sales team. However, as you enter the scaling and automation phase of your business development, you will need to consider bringing on somebody to assist in sales.

Ryann provides these key pointers when you start to build your sales team:

  • Hire salespeople to make your sales as it is a specialized skill
  • Make sure that you provide adequate training to equip your sales team with the necessary skills and resources
  • Work with your team to set realistic timelines, KPIs, and sales targets; and hold your team accountable

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