Episode 40 - The Method I used to Become a MultiMillionaire

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As you start investing in real estate, you will hear someone mention the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance) Method. It's a powerful wealth-building method that Sam used to become a multimillionaire. But Sam has added one more phase, which is SCALE. Hence it's now known as the BRRRS Method. So how exactly does this method work?

In this episode, Sam goes solo and deep dives into the BRRRS (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Scale) Method, which allowed him to build up 42 million dollars worth of real estate without using any of his own money. Let's find out how he did it in today's episode of The FasterFreedom Show.

“The BRRRS Method has allowed me to literally create 42 million dollars of real estate without using any of my own money.”
- Sam Primm

In this Episode:

-Why Sam chose to talk about this topic

-How to apply the BRRRS Method using a simple example

-What is the Scale Method?

And more!


-Financing For Real Estate Investors, Simplified - https://www.fasterfreedomcapital.com/

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