Episode 39 - Real Estate Beginner Remote Investing 32 Doors [18 Months]

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How do you invest in properties miles away from where you live? If you think it's impossible, then think again. In today's episode, Sam interviews an extraordinary guest. Former star student turned FasterFreedom Coach Keola Kapaku Boak will discuss how to invest remotely, meaning you can invest in any market even if you do not live in it. He uses his own story as an example of what's possible as long as you have the right mindset. Keola bought eight rental properties in the first ten months, living in Hawaii and investing in midwestern Missouri, which proves that no matter what market you're in, you can invest in properties located in other markets. He now owns a multi-million-dollar portfolio. Tune in and get some practical tips from Sam and Keola in this episode of The FasterFreedom Show.

“Jealous people are usually not successful; curious people are.”
- Sam Primm

“I think your association is so important to help you thrive.”
- Keola Kapaku Boak

In this Episode:

-The incredible story of how Keola found Sam back in November 2020

-Why should you join the FasterFreedom mentorship program?

-Tips for new real estate investors to get the ball rolling

-The mindset of a successful business owner and investor

-What does it take to do remote investing?

-Finding connections and the support that you need to succeed in real estate investing

And more!


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