The Very Best Of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ft. Malcolm Spellman

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Excelsior! Just as we did with WandaVision, we've gathered the Empire Podteam — Chris Hewitt, Helen O'Hara, Amon Warmann and Ben Travis — to talk about their favourite moments from the most recent Disney+ MCU show, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. It's all here: talk of that bloody ending to episode four, the heartwrenching conversation at the, erm, heart of episode 5, and that bit in episode 2 with the marching band. But that's not all. As well as four giggling idiots, the show's head writer and executive producer, Malcolm Spellman, also weighs in, talking to Chris about some of the key decisions that helped shape the further adventures of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. One quick thing: while this isn't a spoiler special (hence its presence here in our regular feed), we thoroughly recommend that you watch all six episodes of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier before listening, or else it won't make a lick of sense. And will spoil the show for you. And with that... enjoy. @ChrisHewitt @HelenLOHara @BenSTravis @AmonWarmann

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