DDD Radio Show Episode 99: KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park (1978)

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Time Stamps: Hawt or Nawt (1:41), C.A.R (14:30), KISS (47:16)

Listening homies we're back and straight to the point today. No conversations of life as we hate KISS and their movie so we just go straight into HAWT OR NAWT

For HAWT OR NAWT this week:

  • a single by the band Sub-Radio "1990something"
  • A bland up beat teeny bopper song that's sad for the 1990s which we doubt the band members actually lived through

For the Classic Album Review (C.A.R):

  • we review KISS's legendary star making live record "Alive!" (1975)
  • and we wonder how and why this record is so raved and remembered fondly, this was such a MID record
  • but it has "Rock And Roll All Nite" but is that it?!?!


  • we continue KISS-mania as we watch their shitty made for TV movie "KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park" or as the movie itself opens with ATTACK OF THE PHANTOMS
  • this movie was produced Hanna-Barbera, what the hell
  • How does KISS handle the mysterious ANDROIDS (not phantoms)
  • How does KISS handle their star movie appearance
  • did you guess poor and total suck, you are extremely correct

Rad show as always, enjoy friend~!

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