Episode 91: When Is a Rose Not a Rose? (From the Archives)

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It’s Rose Festival time here in Portland, the City of Roses. In fact, 110 years ago, June 20–22, 1907, the first Rose Festival was held. Back then it was called the “Rose Carnival and Fiesta,” but we all know a Rose Festival by any other name would smell as sweet. Let’s mark the occasion by rebroadcasting Paul’s lecture, “When Is a Rose Not a Rose?”


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This week’s calendar entry is “parallel/symbol.”
There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
Mediaeval Song, by James J. Wilhelm
David Camden’s translation of Florus
Thomas Parnell’s translation of “The Vigil of Venus”
Fragonard’s The Sacrifice of the Rose
Sting’s interpretation of “Come away, come, sweet love”
John McCormack: “Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes”

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