IRR 133: Money Creates Options

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The Investor Relations Real Estate Podcast

Episode 133 - Money Creates Options

Host: Jonny Cattani

Guest: Agostino Pintus

Producer: April Munson

Jonny Cattani is joined by Agostino Pintus to discuss:

  • Quitting Corporate America for Real Estate
  • Agostino tells his riches-to-rags-to-riches story that starts with quitting a 20+ year career in Corporate America, a big move, no money, and everything he owned in his car. He shares the insights he gathered from working his way from the absolute rock bottom to now controlling over a quarter of a billion in real estate assets.

Agostino Pintus urges people to rise above the out-dated middle-class myth to achieve true financial freedom for themselves and their families. Starting from modest beginnings, he is now a commercial real estate investor, real estate developer, entrepreneur, and public speaker that inspires high-impact results. He is the founder of two multi-million dollar companies; a leadership platform and a real estate firm focused on net lease, multifamily, and development deals.

Linked material referenced during the show:

Book: On The Shortness Of Life: Life Is Long As Long As You Know How To Use It - Seneca

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