Anime Film Review: Penguin Highway

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This week on The Best Boys, Best Boys Dan & Justin are joined by Best Boy Jaime of The NerdProQuo Podcast for a Penguin Highway film review!! What’s the speed limit on the Penguin Highway? Tune in to find out! Before that, though, The Best Boys will have a wee banter about Gundams and My Hero Academia, and give you your regular download of anime news, including a big My Dress-Up Darling headline! It’s the second movie review from The Best Boys, and, without giving too much away, this time around it’s a movie you’ll probably want to watch! Once you’re done with our review, don’t forget to check out Best Boy Jaime on The NerdProQuo Podcast for some nerdy discussions with a social justice bent.

  • Anime News- 00:13:15
  • Penguin Highway Review (No Spoilers!)- 00:32:00
  • Penguin Highway “Bob” Rating- 01:03:10
  • If You Like [Blank] You Will Like Penguin Highway- 01:28:15
  • Penguin Highway Banter (SPOILERS!!!)- 01:31:00

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