Cali Tells Residents to Unplug EVs, Netflix Goes Lux For Ad Buyers, Time to Edit Those Tweets

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Welcome to Friday, friends. Today we share what we’ve been learning from talking to Dealers all week. We also cover California’s power shortages, Netflix taking the expensive route for advertisers, and the much anticipated ‘edit tweet’ button.

  • What were learning by talking with so many Dealers and Industry Partners this week
  • California asks residents not to charge their EVs the day after announcing all vehicles must be EV only by 2035
    • The American Public Power Association and state energy regulators are asking people to turn thermostats up to 78 degrees or higher and to turn down how much they’re charging their EVs, especially during 4 and 9pm
    • State officials point to heat wave and remind people this is normal for California
    • Governor Gavin Newsom and other state officials are also backing a plan that would allocate $5 billion to maintain the current grid instead of making it better. The plan include relying on fossil fuel-powered generators to shore up the grid
    • The Times of SanDiego reports that Members of California’s Air Resources Board continue to question the practicalities of their staff’s proposal to ban gas-powered vehicles, raising concerns over challenges in buying and charging electric cars in addition to affordability and equality concerns.
    • Take away:
  • Netflix is taking big steps toward launching its ad supported product and it isn’t going to be cheap for advertisers
    • Execs from Netflix and Microsoft (who is the tech partner to support the ads) met with buyers last week are are planning to charge $65 CPM which is substantially higher than other platforms
    • They want to get it up to $80 due to their proposed ability to master targeting
    • Asking for a one year commitment from buyers, similar to traditional TV buys and is limiting spend to $20million per year to avoid users seeing the same companies advertise over and over
    • Targeting 4 mins of 15 and 30 second ads per hour which is less than other streaming platforms and much less than TV which can be as high as 23 mins per hour
    • Launch for the new service is slated for early 2023
    • Take away
  • It’s time to edit those tweets as Twitter rolls out widespread testing of the new editing function to all Twitter Blue users
    • Can edit within the first 30 minutes of posting
    • Edited tweets will include an indicator of the date and time the tweet was last edited
    • Tweet readers will be able to tap to view the edited tweets history

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